Andy and Henry: Characters and Themes

2) What can we learn about the book’s themes by looking at the characters of Henry and Andy?

We learn that Henry and Andy are typical Australian men, that like to have a good time, spending time with friends and family. They are both very much individuals that both have unique characteristics and personalities. Henry is very much a layed back person who loves to just relax, he is very much a male orientated guy that will put his friends before the women. Andy is a fighter, he went to war to sacrifice his life for his country and the rights that they deserve. Andy is not selfish in anyway he is always thinking about others feelings and needs. When he found out that he was to become a father to another women he felt very guilty and was worried about what his family, friends and most of all his fiance would think about himself. We can also learn that our country is so unique and one of a kind, that we should fight for our counrty to keep it alive, for if we didnt have our country we would be here today and we wouldnt be the people we are today if our country wasnt the kind of friendly welcoming place that it is. I believe that the we can also learn about relationships, that there are many ups and downs in relationships and we see from both Henry and Andy. Henry when him and Marcelle fight and break up, Andy when he cheats on his fiance and she finds out. When Henry and Marcelle fight it shows that, even though you think you love someone, it may not work out all the time and some times its better to end and to be still friends with the person, than to keep going on trying to make something work that just isnt going to work out. Basically this book tells us alot about relationships, fighting and surviving conflict and Australian identity.


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About Andy

My name is Andy and i am 20 years old. Many things are happening in my life at the moment. I have recently gotten engaged, which i am rather excited about, the thought of starting my own family makes me feel like a real man, makes me feel like i am growing up. I have recently also just found out that i am going to be a father to another women, which i am feeling so guilty about, i really dont know how i am going to break it to my fiance and my family and friends. What will they think of me? Will they hate me? Will they angry at me? So many things are going through my mind i just dont know what to do right now. Besides all of that i am soon departing to leave for the war, which i am anxious about but a bit nervous. I feel the war will be a good experience, i reckon that it will be a big adventure that me and other men will be apart of. I am also rather nervous, because i have no idea what i am gettin myself into, i have no idea what to expect.

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About Henry

My name is Henry Lyon, i am 19 years old i recently finished high shcool and am wanting to go to Uni to study to become a Lawyer. I believe that i am a reasonably layed back person and love to socialize with the boys and to relax at beach and have a surf. I recently broke up with my former girlfriend Marcelle and lost a friend name Trot, which has made me feel like things just couldnt get any worse. Breaking up with Marcelle has me mad me feel rather confused because i am feeling no emotions at all when i feel like i should be. Losing Trot makes me feel many emotions, even though i hadnt known Trot for long i got along with him really well and to loose him in such a short time of knowing him is really sad. I will soon be travelling overseas to where the first world war was held with Trot’s girlfriend Janine. I have gotten to know her and read her great grandfather Andy Lansells diary and found it rather interesting. I am rather excited and interested in this trip that i will be for taking, i think it will be a fantastic experience and to spend it with Janine will be great.

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Australian Citizenship test questions:

1) I believe that the article suggests that if you want to live in this country that you need to know about Australia’s culture and history and need to know the understanding and meaning of the English language.

  2) Some for the reasons given for introductory of the citizenship test are to clarify that everyone doing the test knows that they have passed and have some kind of knowledge of the English dictation and history of Australia.

 3) People against the citizenship test are suggesting that there is no need for their to be test regarding Australian Citizenship, that instead of there being a test people should spend more time teaching people to learn and speak the language. People believe by bringing this test in, its giving Australia a bad name, for we are supposed to be a multi-cultural country and if we make people do a test to allow them to live here then that makes Australia look as though were not accepting of others.  

 4) I find the argument against the test more convincing because i believe there are more reasons for why we shouldn’t have the test, although i understand to some extent why we should have the test, because you should really be able to speak the language and understand some of our culture to live here.

5)  The White Australia Policy was the term used to describe a collect of racist legislation and policies, that were intended to restrict non-white immigration to Australia for approximately 1930 to 1982.

  6) The writer of this piece i believe thinks the citizenship test is a good idea, for he doesn’t believe that immigrants should be allowed into this country without knowing about the place where they are going to be living.

 – The main purpose of this piece is for the writer to get his point across, and for us to get an understanding of what is going on.

 – The tone is very strong and forceful. If i was a reader who disagrees with the article the tone would make me think and make me feel a bit intimated i guess to some extent.

 – Some of the words the writer uses in this article are: loudmouths, hot heads, yammerers etc.  

– By using these words the effect is has on the readers perspective of these people would be that they really have no idea what there talking about, that their opinions are not that important, he is wanting us to disagree with them.

–  The criticism that the writer discusses about people overreacting to cultural issues i believe is partly stirred up by himself because sure there are some people out there like this but not everyone. – When the writer is discussing the Muslim areas some of the words he uses are: The ghetto.

– The writer is meaning that we seem to try and like migrants more than fear them , where there is a lot of fear but we are trying to sell out our own culture to keep these migrants happy.

– I think he likes today’s society, but he believes there are several changes that could be made to make our society a better place, and if we all put in and do our bit then we can easily achieve this with a little hard work and determination.

–  They wont need to assimilate because they’ve been tested and passed all the requirements that were necessary.

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Un Australian

I believe that un Australian is if you are not proud to be an Australian , not proud of the country you grew up in, not repectful of this counrty and the citizens in it.

If you do not speak the langauge well or if you do not understand the history and culture of Australia.

If you are not respectful and accepting of other for we are a multi-cultural country.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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